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Original contemporary representational art fine art paintings and modern art for sale at Art For Sale Original online art gallery.
Art for Sale Original is the focus of years of work . “David Michael Jackson is an artist, a poet and musician as well has been an internet publisher since 1998 of “…….
David has displayed his images on the internet since 1998. His paintings are available to galleries worldwide.

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Art For Sale Original

My representational artworks come slowly and go quickly. I also make abstract art which may be seen here. I have separated the two because they represent the two sides of me. I started painting in 1997.  I started with apples and moved on to Creeks.   I have been the search engine artist. My art has been seen by many thousands over the years.

I paint by constant correction and it takes time to create the layers that make good texture in a painting. I like natural colors rather than the overly bright colors found today.

Art For Sale Original
Art For Sale Original

Thank you for visiting my representational paintings.


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