Galleries and Museums Near Me

Art Galleries and Museums Near Me. We will searching for videos and social media and website links for famous art galleries, university galleries and museums. It is the hope that this site can become a place where artists can go to see what is shown in galleries everywhere. We are starting with galleries in major cities.
Our name says “for sale”. Galleries sell art and artists can take our tours and visit the famous galleries and their websites and social media.
I’ve been serving art lessons at Artvilla for years now and our video galleries have become very popular with artists. Free Online Art Lessons at Artvilla.
Why are they working and learning? What is their dream? It’s in the finest galleries in the world, built by extraordinary people and in the forefront of world art. These pages at ArtforsaleOriginal are the result of my curiosity. I wanted to look into that world and see the art. It is my aim that these pages be good for the galleries and the artists. I’d like to hear from both.
Should I correct something?
Is it okay?
Should I discard the project entirely?
Should I lose the maps?
Are they useful?
Was it worthwhile?
Is an empty universe possible?
Is anyone out there?
I’m gonna like some Facebook Pages and see some art and, hopefully, make friends. I did this because I love art. I think there might be others out there who might like to take a peek at the truly remarkable galleries of the world.

David Michael Jackson
David Michael Jackson
Photo by Bill Lund

David Michael Jackson since 1998

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David Michael Jackson has published his poems and art at since 1997. He is also a recording artists who has published his music in all stores. David at Spotify
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