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London Art Galleries Maps and Social Media

London Art Galleries Maps and Social Media. Welcome to London. Each of these cities has a different look in art and culture. This is represented by these pages.

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There are many famous artworks to be seen in London from Giovanni to Caravaggio to Vermeer. London has been the birthplace and the workplace of artists, van Gogh to Banksy. The Pace Gallery who originated in Boston but have galleries worldwide.
Gagosian has two galleries in Londonas does Houser and Wirth which was founded in Zürich. These global galleries are notable for the finest art and their prominence and influence.
Other notable art galleries in London are the South London Gallery, which is celebrated for providing a platform for minority artists and has an outstanding education program.
London is known for the Whitechapel Gallery in East London which is known for showing Gary Nika by Picasso, Jackson Pollock and others.
Tate Modern, which opened in 2001 love's performance art and pioneer artist by Jackson Pollock and Eva Hesse. Some of these paintings, Best Paintings in London are at the Tate
while you're in London, visit Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery where you can see Titian, van Gogh, da Vinci, Renoir. "Constable Haywain" byJohn Constable is there.
British art seems to begin with John Constable and JMW Turner who are the great innovators and pioneers of landscape painting. A visit to London must be a visit to Gainsborough Constable and Turner.
Major art galleries have locations in London