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Art Galleries in Paris
Original art for sale in Paris, has been the case for centuries. When it comes to the history of art it comes to Paris, the home of the Louvre, the place where Impressionism was born. Original art for sale in Paris? Yes, on the street, and the bazaar, drawn in chalk on the sidewalk, the art is everywhere in Paris.
The Louvre is everyone's art destination and can be the study of a lifetime. From the Mona Lisa to the pyramid outside, the Louvre is a life-changing place for an artist to visit. From Greek to Egyptian to Impressionist, the Louvre is a journey.
Paris, the food, and the Parisian make a journey to the Café, the visit of a lifetime. There is just something about the place.
Paris is still the home of new art, for the art world has become global. Galleries such as
Centre Georges Pompidou
Matisse, Picasso and the Surrealists with modern installations
Musée d'Orsay
Once a train station, once home for the state collection of art until 1914. Of interest are large canvases by Courbet.
Musée National Rodin
The sculptor Rodin lived in this mansion as an old man and his work is arranged beautifully in the rooms and garden.
Musée Marmottan-Claude Monet
this museum houses the works Claude Monet. This is where you'll find Monet's impression, the painting that started it all.
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