About Artist Jackson

Adoration of the Magi
Adoration of the Magi 2019
29″ x 36″
Jade 2019
6′ ” x 4″ 1″

.I simply paint to search and discover. My abstract art seeks to explore shapes as a method of examining perspective and interpretation. Some of my abstractions explore the search for art that has meaning different to each observer and not tied to intent. Some modern abstractions use ink, resin and a pour technique to create art that makes itself and is not tied to intent. My shapes are an attempt to present perspective that has the same intent, that which you perceive. Finding a way to fancy up my intent has become a focus and an escape from description is what every observer of art seeks. The museum or gallery description and the words of the documentary have little to do with art and the art lover or buyer. The personal connection is part emotional and part intellectualism which can’t be put into words.
The artist has only one intent. To put what is perceived as being, soul and beauty into the work. It is the being and soul and beauty of the observer that counts, however and neither can be put into words. The artist and the musician and the poets speak in images. Words are tough.

My art?

It is the skeleton

of the fish

tied to the side

of Hemingway’s


I am the old man,

the internet,

is the sea



“Jackson” aka “David Michael Jackson” is an engineer, an artist, a poet and musician.