About Artist Jackson and ArtforsaleOriginal

My “Art Galleries of the World” series has several purposes

  1. It’s good for artists because they can visit the galleries, like their social media pages and see art trends around the world.
  2.  It’s good for the galleries because artists and collectors can follow their pages.
  3.  It’s good for the collector because of the ability to see art products around the world.
  4. It’s good for me because I can show art to the galleries, first my own, and soon others.
  5. It could lead to sales in art for galleries and, hopefully for ArtforsalOriginal.
  6. It’s bold, brash, and is indeed an “Installation”. Nobody else could do this alone.
  7. It’s created for the greater good. It has an ideal of wanting to serve the art community, wanting to be a bridge.

I visit my gallery pages and the galleries and follow many on Social Media. I enjoy hearing from them and artists. I can update their pages, I’m available. This website could grow. It has a chance to be useful. Where do we take this?  This index is huge now and it’s like I should say “We” , and that’s how I feel about this project, but the we is, as my late mother would say when she called, “It’s just me”, Mr. open to suggestion Jackson, outsider, amazing do everything Dave, looking in the window of the museums. “These people will, at least, see my art.” David Michael Jackson , Don Quixote of Art.

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Contact dave@artvilla.com .

“Jackson” aka “David Michael Jackson” is an engineer, an artist, a poet and musician. I’m him. Some internet guy. I am an internet publisher of Artvilla.com and Motherbird.com …… My art can be rescued here.

My art started as an escape from my structured life as a Product Engineer for Youdknowthem Corporation. It became much more than that to me. Art’s a long term project without a resume, undertaken too late, but intensely researched.  The engineer’s aim is to push the envelope so that was always the aim here. I am obsessed, taken over by art, poetry and music. To me they are the same. It is the same flow, stream of thought, that creates art, poetry, and music. All three are visual.

.I simply paint to search and discover. I like to look at them. Such a simple statement. They stacked up.

I started Artvilla in 1997. I figured I’d just be the Magazine of Modern Art and discover me. Modern Art Paintings and Images has been up for twenty years, this year. Images were new back then and Google was not around. In the last twenty years, this ol’ engineer has hit keyword after keyword with this art. By now a million or two have scrolled by , or  read my poems in the night, or have downloaded my music. It has been an interesting journey.Art represents the pain, the beauty, and the search. That’s what it always represents for anyone who reaches.

My art?

It is the skeleton

of the fish

tied to the side

of Hemingway’s


I am the old man,

the internet,

is the sea