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When looking at abstract art is is usual to ask, “What does it mean? Is it just color and shape or did the artists set out with a vision? I have noticed a trend to make casual abstractions which have no real effort involved except the allowing of paint to drip. I have always felt that the artist should be satisfied that the effort resulted in a good painting. What is a good painting? The viewer and patron and customer determines that. It takes work and technique to create a good abstraction. It takes a good sense of color to create a good painting or a good room. I think of the room and try to use color that expresses the inner sense and also look good in a room. One thing has remained constant in the art world. Express yourself but you have to match the couch! From Monet to Warhol, look cool and fit in the home. If you are lucky, it’s the Guggenheim home.
I have been painting since 1987. I was always searching for something with my art. First with still life and then with landscape. Abstract art is an escape for me, an escape into discovery rather than intent. As an outsider artist, I have no boundaries. My efforts have resulted in a collection of art for sale.

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