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Chelsea New York Galleries

Chelsea New York Art Galleries

The Chelsea at district of New York City is home to the art world’s largest art dealers, David Zwirner Larry Gagosian, and Hauser & Wirth.
Chelsea is also home to many art galleries and is world renowned for galleries like Metro pictures The James Cohan Gallery, the Pace Gallery and many others.
One of the most influential arts areas in the whole world exists between West 18th and W. 27th St. featuring several hundred galleries.
Chelsea is also home to Agora Gallery which is known for the Chelsea art and photography competitions.
Chelsea is known for social diversity and inclusion.

Chelsea New York Galleries. Chelsea is world famous for the arts.
Chelsea is roughly located west of Broadway over to the Hudson River, from West 14th to West 30th Streets.
Chelsea is one of the oldest neighborhoods in New York City to keep its original name. Back in 1750, an entrepreneurial Englishman named Thomas Clarke bought a “ten-square-block span” of land near the water in New York, and named the estate ‘Chelsea’ “after a soldier’s home near London” (Williams). The original Chelsea stretched between 8th and 10th Avenues, and 19th and 24th Streets (Williams). Although Clarke bought the initial chunk of land and entitled it Chelsea, he is not said to have been the official founder; his grandson, Clement Clarke Moore – the writer of The Night Before Christmas – who divided the original estate in the 1830s is considered to be instead. After this division, Chelsea really began to develop and grow.…….Chelsea History

Chelsea is a neighborhood in the west side of the borough of Manhattan that goes from roughly 14th Street and the Hudson River to somewhere near 6th Avenue and 5th Avenue.To the north is Hell’s Kitchen enter the Northeast as the Garment District chelsea at exit to name from the estate and Georgian style house, by 1869 a theater district formed in the area and West 23rd Street was the center of American Theater It was known for Mary Pickford’s First pictures. Chelsea has people from many cultures is known for quite a friendly residential community. Galleries Cuban Chinese coffee shop boutiques anchored on the west by the art Rich Highline and home to the world world class Rubin Museum, renowned Foreman spaces