Ceramic Art

Wall Decor

Buy my handmade ceramic sculptures you can hang on your wall without having to buy frames. My decorative hanging wall murals are original art sculptures that can be hung directly on your wall without the need to purchase special wall hangers or frames. These are one of a kind handmade ceramic home decor wall art sculptures kiln fired with colorful food safe paints. Give your walls a new look or get great wall art ideas. Add colorful hanging decorations that add personality to your walls. Be sure to visit my Ceramic Shop to purchase. Click on one of my handmade ceramics below to see a larger expanded view.

Decorative Plates

Red Berry Ornamental Decor
Birds on Flowers Art

About the Artist

EBeeArt_EdHello! My name is Ed. Most of my art is inspired by nature and things interesting to me. It takes me about 2 weeks or more to create each art piece. Each ceramic art is hand made and original. Thank you for looking at my work. Please visit my ceramic pottery shop and check out my art for sale. Also, if you purchase ceramic wall art be sure to read my article on how to hang clay wall art.

Buying my art helps me save for a kiln: Modern kilns often have sophisticated electrical control systems for firing. Some also have pyrometric devices. This makes it easier to control the firing process. Most good kilns run into the thousands of dollars. I do not have my own kiln yet so by buying my art you are helping me purchase a kiln. Having my own kiln will allow me to have more creative control over my art.

My Process: Sal380x360 copyCeramics require heat at high temperatures so chemical and physical reactions will occur to permanently alter the unfired clay. In the case of my art, the clay materials are shaped, dried and then fired in a kiln. The final characteristics are determined by the composition and preparation of the clay body and by the temperature at which the ware is fired.

Furthermore, clay consists of fine-grained particles, that are relatively weak and porous. Clay is combined with other minerals to create a workable clay body. While the clay is unfired and drying its in a very vulnerable state and can break easily. Part of the firing process includes sintering. This heats the clay until the particles partially melt and flow together. Therefore this creates a strong, single ware, composed of a glassy finish. Finally through firing, the clay pores are reduced in size. Most noteworthy, causes the clay to shrink even more.

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