Standard Sales Techniques for Artists and Galleries

Dale Carnegie and his how to Win friends and influence people has been very influential and has made a lot of friends his principles are quoted “and followed” you can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you”…… Dale Carnegie
his tips are to smile to listen, achieve “eager want”. It starts with interest. A good salesman once said “I’d walk in with the product under my arm, start a conversation about anything in the world but the product, wait for the customer to ask what that is that I’m carrying. I had the first step, interest. You must first develop interest in the product. By simply waiting for the customer to ask, I had achieved his interest in my product.”
Number two is use names, learn the name and names of family members, interests of the potential customer. A person’s name is the sweetest sound.
Do not argue. Avoid politics, religion. Carnegie said that the only way to get the best of argument as to avoid it. That is good advice all around in life. A part of that is apologizing when you have failed to meet expectations, admit you’re wrong. Next stick to your customers interest, find out what he needs and what’s in it for him.
Carnegie thought of sales as a conversation.
The standard steps to sales are
getting leads, approaching the customer, presenting the product, dealing with objections, closing and follow-up.
You must anticipate objections beforehand be ready with an answer which benefits the customer.
The sale is to be thought of as a solution to a problem that the customer has. That is achieved by discovering the customers needs and the problems that the customer is having. Presenting the sale as a solution is a method of achieving interest and that eager need that makes a sale. Following up and fixing problems ensures that the customer will be a repeat customer and a friend.
The first step is to listen and research. Do the homework. Know as much about your customers business and operations as you can. Use your time to ask questions and to understand completely the needs of his business. By asking questions, and practicing listening, you can learn without having to speak.
Rushing the sale can end the sale. Sometimes others had to be consulted.