Impressionist art, or impressionism is an every day term which was applied in the late nineteenth century to art that seeks to represent nature in a glance rather than in the way of the post Renaissance where painters were rewarded for realistic art. The impressionists, like Monet, sought to gain the momentary feeling of a place, a glance rather than a stare.
Impressionism is a broader term today in this day of marketing and labels and file names and categories. The modern impressionist movement is no movement. The word is applied because you need a word to find us on the internet. That’s blunt but shows how many works are thrown into this “category”. Monet didn’t have as many categories.
To fit ourselves into these boxes is not to say we are followers at all. You just have to find us in that box into which you type.
Art seems to be searching, always, for the new, the “hasn’t been done”. If there are ten times as many people as in Monet’s day, there are ten times as many Monet’s! Modern impressionism may not even claim a mantle in the search for the new.
The grasping for the feeling of the moment, the place, the person. That sounds like photography also.
Just as the Renaissance coincides with the invention of the curved mirror and lens, Impressionism happened at the onset of photography. Artists could no longer make a living “painting portraits of the king”. They painted beautiful paintings for the rich instead. Art is very practical. Thanks for you visit. Enjoy the art and, hey, buy something!
Jackson 6/16/2017