Oil Paintings

Original Oil paintings for sale
The first paintings weren’t oil paintings, there were paintings made with charcoal on stone in caves 30,000 years ago by primordial man. Early Renaissance work relied on egg tempera and paint ground by hand by the artist. The early Renaissance is the birth of oil painting in fine art. Oil paint is slow to dry and has a translucency which improves with time. This led to techniques were small amounts of paint are applied and translucent layers to produce a more realistic effect.

The slow drying quality of the of the oil paint gives the artist more time to work on each stage but requires more time overall. The Renaissance artists would be known for working for many months on a painting adding layer after layer. This kind of patience is rare in modern times. Our art tends to reflect our times.
Impressionism began partially because of technology. The invention of premade paint ground of the central location and packaged in a lead tube freed the artist from the studio and help to create Impressionism. The image of the Impressionist artist is one of the artist outside with the palette, painting a landscape.
In Italy during the Renaissance olive oil was used to prepare pigment but the drying time was too long. Jan van Eyck (1390 -1441), considered the father of modern painting is often credited with being one of the first to use oil paint. He used the varnished based upon linseed oil as the binder. Linseed oil had a shorter drying time. The portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife painted in 1434, is one of the first examples that can be shown to use this technique.
By the time of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci was cooking oil in a mixture of beeswax. Titian is said to have used the same technique.
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