Ya Know I’m Just Really Worried About Max | Painting by Kyle Baker

3′ x 4′ oil on canvas.

The artists creates the story beautifully with the title. It sets up the dialogue. It forces the conversation of meaning and intent to be about the story, the times. That is a very Renaissance concept, the story. The story was biblical then. When Vermeer paints a lady pouring wine, it’s a story of his times. Art then went on to the story of histories. The modern artist sets up a modern tale. Hopper sets a tone in a diner, Baker sits us in the home. Modern art is very much about words and the only words the artist has are forced upon him or her by the need for a title. If the title is “Impression Sunrise” as we know, it creates the whole story of the movement. The words set us up for the story we make up in our minds.

I welcome Kyle to ArtforsaleOriginal. I will be including his work on our gallery pages. I am proud to promote his art.

…………….Dave Jackson

Kyle Baker Art